4 Quick Tips to Unplugging and Recharging from the Year

Tip #1 Make a Plan

The holidays can be very eventful and your calendar is probably packed with in-person and/virtual events. Carving out a plan for yourself is a MUST to make sure that you can charge your personal battery. Look at your calendar and take the time to care for yourself before the year is over. Whether you only have off two days or more, this is possible! It can be done for an hour or two, a day or two, or maybe even a week! How much ever time you’d like to set aside for yourself, BLOCK IT! On the calendar, in your phone as well as in your mind. Avoid taking on anything else than you have already. If you feel like you have taken on too much, feel free to respectfully take a step back or decline politely. Nobody can take care of you, like you. Choosing a place and space that brings you joy is the only criteria! 

Tip #2 Unplug Intentionally

It is soooo important to have time away from your electronic screens. I know you know, but here we are to remind you. Again! Did you know that too much screen time can contribute to anxiety and depression and impact your health? Think of the amount of screen time you’ve had throughout this year and in 2020….exactly. Have you been using your blue-light-blocking glasses? Being intentional with scheduling breaks away from your phone and other electronic devices isn’t just good for the brain, it is good for the body as well.  During the holiday season, replace your phone with an activity that doesn’t involve electronics for at least 10- 15 minutes, especially an activity that gets your body moving. It can be as simple as putting on your favorite song and getting in a quality two-step. Silence notifications or do not disturb features on your devices this holiday break. We recommend implementing this into your routine on a more long-term basis for maximum impact. 

Tip #3 Mind Your Body

So we know that one of the best parts of holidays is the food. That goes without saying. It can be very easy to overindulge during the holidays and then feel a sense of blame or shame afterward. We support eating holiday treats without question, but we want to mind our bodies this holiday season and enjoy some good eats in moderation. This goes beyond trying to maintain your figure. Too much sugar, salt, and fat can impact your mood, energy, and motivation. Think of those times where you realized your body was not happy with some of the choices you made food-wise. Let it be your guide in good decision-making.  Making solid choices this holiday season can prevent an impact on your overall health and give you a smooth start to the new year.

Tip #4 Say No!

No is a complete sentence! We know it can be difficult to utilize but saying no to others is very necessary to unplug and recharge effectively. Throwing boundaries into the mix of your recharge plan is a recipe for success.  Let your people know of the basics of your plan, just the time and the where (because the rest is your business). This will demonstrate to them that there are specific time frames when you aren’t available. In addition, if the interaction is important then you can choose the day/time that you can be accessible to them ahead of time to take the guesswork out. Not only is saying no to others important, but saying no to yourself is as well! Traditionally these are not things we are taught so we have to carve the time out to teach ourselves. You may be tempted to give in which feels normal but we challenge you to push through and take stock of how you are feeling as a result of these small changes. Unless it’s a legitimate emergency, respect your own boundaries and enjoy your time unplugged.