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About this blog…

It is not news that 2020 has been quite the year. It has looked different for many around the world so I don’t need to rehash that. Here were are on the last day of November 2020 and the thing that came to mind earlier was, ” I TOTALLY fell off on blogging”. Funny thing is when I thought about the last several months, I began to laugh. Not because anything about COVID 19 is funny but merely because so many of us have been trying to stay afloat that so many things get pushed to the side.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a social worker and coach I have been fortunate (thankfully) to continue supporting clients and communities during this time but have my blogs been absent? Yes. Has my social media presence been light? Yes. Have I been completely exhausted both emotionally and physically? Yes. I am human and part of being human is acknowledging when things are hard or too much or even that you need help.

With all my experience, degrees, certifications and experience that allow me to be great at the work I love so much, I have to recognize (as many of us do) how to manage our expectations and responsibilities during a crisis. We are living during a time of collective trauma. While I am not trying to be Captain Obvious, some do not realize that the ways in which this pandemic has impacted our lives, our environment, families, economy and so many others is unlike anything that has been lived through in our lifetimes.

Recognition of that fact is not easy, but we are going through it together. Together is how we persevere. Together is how we create what comes next.

So back to the main idea. About this blog…

The original purpose was to share information, tips, experiences that can benefit all who come passed this site. The hope is that you leave with something you did not have before. So that is what we are going to re-commit to. Not just because the page is here but because as I mentioned before, together is how we create what comes next.

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