Bronx life coaching


Are you feeling like you are “over it” all the time?

Have you had the desire to enhance your relationships and/or develop new ones with healthy boundaries?

Do you want to go from just surviving to truly thriving?

What's Included:

  1. 1:1 Coaching 
  2. Access to “Your Personal Playbook” which is customized to your needs
  3. Access to all mini-workshops 
  4. Access to the private communication support (via Voxer)



  • You dream of ongoing and effective communication between you and your friends, family, partner, colleagues and supervisor/administrators
  • You desire collaborative efforts with others that are not difficult or draining
  • You feel that you have too much on your plate
  • You want some guidance so you don’t reinvent the wheel
  • You want to benefit from consistency in work/life balance 
  • You second and sometimes third guess yourself
  • You crave strong and healthy personal, professional, and romantic relationships
  • You are tired of being “the strong friend”

Then YES, coaching is definitely FOR YOU!!

By harnessing various techniques and methods, I partner with you to empower you to take hold of your goals, provide you with a toolkit of skills and support you to overcome emotional barriers.


  • Each individual has their own perspective of the world. Their world. There is no right or wrong in terms of perspectives but there are some perspectives that can be more restrictive than others. At times, these views can be a barrier that it does not allow you to fully become who you are seeking to be. 


  • We have the capability to adjust our perspectives on just about anything. With our coaching, you will be able to learn ways to open your mind and challenge and change your thinking in a way that empowers YOU. 


  • There is a clear distinction between a coach and support. A coach shows a person what to do and may scaffold the steps as needed to show them how. Support provides the tools and the foundation a person needs to do something for themselves. 

Here are a few of the areas we focus on with our clients…



Being an educator is no easy job. The expectations are high and at time unrealistic, the hours are long and seep into your personal time and the work is fulfilling (or it is at least most of the time). You pour into the students and families you serve daily and that means there may be times that your own cup is empty. It is not possible to wear the many hats that you do as an educator if you are not able to effectively care for yourself. Individual sessions are a great way to  support yourself to create the work-life balance that you hear people talk about but struggle to believe can be real.


Facing situations, people and places that remind or trigger traumatic events that have taken place in your life can range from slightly uncomfortable to mentally and physically unbearable. Unfortunately, there is so much in this life that we cannot shy away from so receiving support that can assist in the processing, reduction of symptoms/triggers and even possibly letting go of the weight trauma carries can be the first steps in your much needed healing process.


Stress is your body’s response to anything that requires attention. It is actually quite normal, but when this response lingers longer that it needs to it can become overwhelming, leave you feeling anxious, exhausted, and completely over everyone and everything. Stress can develop into depression and/or anxiety and have lasting effects on your ability to function. It can also manifest in the body in the form of pain and discomfort. Good news! It can be managed and you can learn ways to manage it. In addition, you are also able to learn coping skills and even develop and implement your own toolkit to be best prepared to tackle whatever comes your way.  


Yes, adults get this too! It can feel almost IMPOSSIBLE to complete what seems to others to be the simplest of tasks, to hold on to a thought without blurting it out or cutting someone off in conversation or even keeping your desk or bag organized enough to find what you need. These are all things that can improve greatly through collaborative efforts which include development of systems and skills that can have dramatic improvements in your well-being and increase in your level of functioning.



Wondering what the difference is between Therapy and Coaching, take a look below!