• I was able to see that many things became a lot easier as I have been able to have better communication and control my level of anger in various situation. Paula’s outreach and availability to receive support when I needed it and not just when she thought I needed it was just what I needed.

    Catherine Bronx, NY
  • Paula has guided me to feel more confident in myself and acknowledging my abilities as an educator. I consistently would encourage my students to advocate for their needs while excluding my own. Paula made me realize the need for me to do the same as I would encourage my students to do. 10/10 would highly recommend!

    Julissa- Educator Bronx, NY
  • Paula has helped me improve my relationships with my co-teacher and significant other. In both situations, communication was a struggle for each party. Paula provided me with the proper strategies and verbiage to use to help get my point across. Paula highlights my life. She is someone that I can always go to for advice or just straight truth.

    Tynesha - Special Educator Bronx NY
  • I met Paula at the workplace where not only was I a teacher at the beginning of my career, trying to find my place, but also someone who constantly felt undervalued, ignored, and disrespected. Paula's ability to guide me helped me grow not only in my job but in life - this did not always look like telling me what I wanted to hear. Paula is magic in so many ways.

    Yolanda Lyne Cando - Teacher Bronx, New York
  • Paula led a workshop at my school. I learned so much about working with students with trauma and how to reduce secondary traumatic stress. I left the workshop feeling informed and having more strategies to add to my toolkit. Paula presented the information clearly and created an environment where I felt safe to participate. I highly recommend working with Paula!

    Jessica - Teacher Brooklyn
  • Paula talked me off the figurative ledge many times with her calm, caring and insight. Maybe most important, she helped me survive the death of my husband and always made herself available when I needed her. In short, Paula is the consummate counselor and coach.

    Kim McLeveighn - Peer Coach, Team Leader Bronx Community Charter School
  • Hi, my name is Naomi. I’m a mother of 4, and if anyone’s a parent they can tell that motherhood is one of the most rewarding and stressful jobs in the world. Paula has helped my family numerous times. She is amazing at knowing how to support us or where to find support for mental health for children. She gave me great tips for how to support my daughter who is very anxious and nervous. She also did an amazing job at supporting my family when one of children was hospitalized; she used a few strategies to help me to calm down as a parent worried about her kid and also helped me come up with a plan of how to talk to my other children about the different outcomes of their sibling's hospitalization by helping us realize that we couldn’t control that, that we had each other, and at that moment we just had to hope for the best, it was okay to cry, and to allow ourselves to feel whatever that moment required us to feel, and that it was okay. There’s no right or wrong way to feel at times when you feel like your world is ending, and that’s okay. Thankfully, my son got better, but I always look back at that moment when I lost hope and Paula was there to help me. Paula is amazing at what she does because she genuinely cares about others and encourages you to find the better you every time!

    Naomi Parent & Special Education Teacher
  • Paula has coached me through some of the most difficult professional situations that I have ever navigated as an educator. Paula always brings her background and training as a social worker as well as her concern for others' well being into every conversation. Paula is a truly interdisciplinary practitioner who helped me find my voice when my voice was shaky and helped to empower me when I felt my power had been taken. She helped me to stand strong when I needed to be an advocate for my students and I would highly recommend Paula to anyone who needs a sounding board and source of support through turbulent times.

    Monique - Early Childhood Educator Bronx, NY
  • Paula is AMAZING!!! She has opened up my mind to thinking about the need for a toolbox in a different way. I am able to use what she has taught me on myself and also with my clients. Paula is patient, kind and very knowledgeable! I am so grateful we met!

    Joi Psychotherapist
  • Paula is a tireless advocate for teachers and their students. She is tremendously skilled at relationship building and applies this strength to all aspects of her work. In my four years working with Paula, she helped me to transform my own working relationships. The perspective, guidance and insight that Paula shared with me allowed me to actualize my best teacher self. With Paula's support I improved my communication with my administrators and developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with my students. Paula was invested in my success. Paula used questions and in person follow ups to hold me accountable to the goals I had set for myself. Paula's years of experience as an educator and counselor show in her ability to assess and manage the different challenges faced by educators today. In moments of chaos at work, Paula helped me to deescalate feelings of anxiety and distress. Her calm energy and can do attitude allowed me to re-approach the situation with a new perspective.

    Brigid - Teacher Bronx, NY