RedFin wants you to create mindfulness in your new home!

Crafting a space where you can be your best self is essential to the practice of consistent self-care. Imagine if your entire home including the items in it along with what you create could ensure mindfulness is infused daily!

Our friends are Redfin have done just that by crafting a great article which Paula was invited to participate in to provide input into ways that mindfulness can be incorporated into your home.

Unwind with a spa night 

Turn bath time into a spa experience by hanging some fresh eucalyptus from your local flower shop from the shower (it keeps for about 7 -12) and allow the steam from the shower to create a true aromatherapy experience. Add some soothing music via your phone or music streaming service for an added boost to your curated spa time. Take notice and reflect on your thoughts and feelings after the shower in comparison to how you were feeling before for a truly restorative mindful experience. – Paula McMillan-Perez, LCSW and Founder/Coaching Director of Personalize Your Coaching, LLC

You can read the full article here and get some amazing suggestions to craft a mindful space at home today!