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These are not your mama’s workshops…

Gone are the days of those boring workshops where you sit and listen to a presenter go on and on. Our workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging so that participants not only get a taste of the authentic themes being presented but will have opportunities to deep dive into real-world scenarios and walk away being able to facilitate real-world solutions.

Our goal is to inspire organizations to develop and nurture a sustainable culture of belonging and a work environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

We offer a series of training and workshops ranging from 90 minutes to full day sessions, that are designed to provide tools and best practices when workings towards achieving social-emotional impact as well as organizational diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.

These workshops offer practical notions and strategies for participants to consider, and a platform for sharing lived experiences. Through dynamic and engaging presentations, these interactive offerings enhance understanding and effectively address the urgency and importance of these themes.  

Social-Emotional Impact Workshops

Mental Wellness 101: Raising Awareness

In an educational overview regarding mental health, this workshop aims to uplift and de-stigmatize mental health and wellness-related themes, especially as they related to communities of color. By receiving accurate education and data on some of the mental illnesses that impact our communities such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, you’ll learn more about the impacts on individuals, families, and communities. As well as obtaining a more in-depth understanding as to how to eliminate false information and cultural inaccuracies related to mental health that creates isolation and perpetuates stereotypes of those who are seeking mental wellness support and advocacy. Ultimately, providing you with tools to normalize and support mental wellness within your personal and professional capacities. 

Caring: What is it costing me?

Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Traumatic Stress Syndrome (STSS) can often include physical exhaustion, mental drain, and emotional withdrawal experienced by those who work with and service traumatized children and young adults over an extended period of time. In helping professions, it is rather common to experience compassion fatigue as well as feelings of burnout. This workshop is designed to enhance your level of awareness and education on topics of trauma, distress, and STSS to those employed in the helping professions by providing education on empathy, compassion, self-care, and boundary setting to increase resilience in practitioners who are at risk of or identify themselves as struggling with emotional burnout.

Speak how you want me to listen: Effective Communication in Action

Speak how you want me to listen’ is a workshop that explores the value of effective communication in many types of relationships and allows participants the opportunity to assess where they are in their communication styles. During our time together, you will learn just how communication impacts our relationships, our environment, and even our level of capability in certain situations.

Manifesting Together: Full Staff Professional Fishbowl

Team building is such an essential part of building a community. A staff that bonds and trains together is a staff that grows together as well. This Full Staff training is tailored to fit any social, emotional and/or psychological topic relative to education, counseling, restorative practices, social work, human services, and many other professions. This workshop can be designed in a way that caters to the professional development needs of your entire organization.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Workshops

DEAI: Beyond the Buzzword

This workshop provides a deeper understanding of what truly makes a space “inclusive” for everyone and provides practical guidance to a more mindful workplace and interpersonal engagement. Through shared experiences, participants learn about individual and organizational changes everyone can get behind.


Privilege and Bias: Holding Ourselves Accountable

In this workshop, participants engage in self-reflection and develop a common understanding of bias and privilege. The workshop challenges participants to consider their own identities and the potential impact of their biases and privileges when interacting with others.


Principles of Equity

In this session, participants learn about systemic inequity by exploring data from multiple systems and stories of lived experiences. The workshop addresses the impact of systemic racism within organizations and introduces specific ways to work towards addressing some of those inequities.


Breaking Down Racism: Systemic, Interpersonal, and Internalized

Using a dynamic and open approach, the facilitator helps participants develop a common understanding of how systemic racism was created and continues to live on. They will explore some of the cumulative advantages inherited by the dominant culture and the disadvantages experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color on a systemic and interpersonal level. Participants will also learn how to work towards being anti-racist, and their individual role in working toward achieving racial equity.


Building DEAI Champions from Within

This program is designed to empower emerging DEAI change makers and deepen participants’ commitment to practice thoughtful allyship. Through exploring micro-aggressions and self-accountability, participants will obtain tools to strengthen their journey and be inspired to make long-lasting change.


*Please contact us for further details.  Workshop topics can be customized based on the needs of the organization. Prices and packages are individually designed to meet the needs of the audience served.